Run To You by Rachel Gibson

IMG_20180705_183804_928.jpgTo have Beau, a strong, tall, mysterious, muscle bulging ex-Marine turned private investigator come rescue you from your mob affiliated boss in Miami would be what any woman who hope for when in that kind of trouble. Not Stella the beautiful raven haired, blue eyed Latina mix bartender who swears she can handle her own and believes her troubles only started once Beau (the ex-Marine now PI) dropped into her life. 

Stella’s half sister who wasn’t aware of Stella’s existence until their mutual father died, hired Beau to track Stella down to bring her to the Texas cattle ranch where at last they could meet. Believing it would be a walk in the park, Beau agrees to the mission and seeks out Stella in the dive bar in Miami. However, once he reached the bar in Miami and meets Stella, he soon discovers getting Stella to come to Texas to meet her half sister is more difficult than expected. Stella has no desire to meet her half sister as she suffers from anxiety and fears she would only be looked at as a disappointment or outcast. However, the freedom of choosing to go to Texas is quickly obliterated. Once Beau knocks out Stella’s mob-boss (because he refuses to let go of Stella’s arm) and Stella slamming a door on her boss’s right hand man, the exit strategy for getting to Texas because improvised and hurried. Now as a target, Stella has no choice but to hop into the black SUV with Beau and head for Texas whether she wants to our not.

After years of sleeping around with many women, Beau decides to take a vow of celibacy and vows to stay away from sex until he is married and it is meaningful. However, through tension, quirks and heat of the South, Beau finds himself now stuck in a rented SUV with Stella and is captivated by her beauty and curves. As the hours pass he feels the need to protect her. Without her trying to, he finds Stella has an ability to stir emotions within him sexually and dare he say his heart. In the mean time, Stella finds Beau cold, irritating and rough but yet is drawn to his masculinity, body and warm personality that she sees hints of. Stella is a virgin and promised to not have sex with anyone who she isn’t in love with. However, by the time they reach New Orleans, sparks fly, Beau’s southern bulge grows and they way Stella’s black hair falls around her soft plump breasts the two can’t resist each other. After a night filled with erotic and tasty pleasure (that excludes penetration) Stella experiences orgasms unlike any before. Having now broken all his “rules” with Stella, Beau finds himself caught between wanted to distance himself from her and wanting to be with her all the time. 

Once they reach Texas, the sisters meet and questions from the past are finally answered. Stella decides to spend another night of blissful rubs and touches with Beau in Texas and she ultimately confesses that she is in love with Beau. Of course, not wanting to admit his true feelings, he breaks Stella’s heart causing her to run out of his place, leaving him alone. Beau does go to run after her, but she refuses to listen as her heart has been crushed she just wants to move on with life. After weeks go by with none of his calls or texts being answered, Beau decides to use his private investigator skills to work and arrives as Stella’s doorstep. Will Stella take him back? Will they live happily every after? Find out by reading this sexy brain-candy romance. Perfect for a beach or weekend read. 5 stars

I Can’t Make This Up, Life Lessons By Kevin Hart

IMG_20180705_171309_733This hilarious autobiography/ memoir is exactly the type of story we need to read in today’s stressful times as it will have you laughing out loud. Famous comedian, Kevin Hart takes the reader through a roller coaster of events that occurred throughout his life including the good, the bad and the ugly. Hart begins his story by taking us back to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he grew up. From childhood to teenage stages, to being a young man to adulthood, Kevin provides insight and wisdom on life that he gained either through experience or via the characters that have entered and/or left his life. With each chapter being a new “life lesson”, we learn about his drug addicted womanizing father, his brother who was in and out of trouble but eventually got his act together due to the military, the co-worker who told him he should go into comedy and to Tory, his baby momma who added drama. We learn Kevin loved his Dad but never wanted to end up like him, and loved his brother but were two different people, to how Kevin was Mr. Awesome in high school but graduated with no plan and ended up working retail all while dealing with a love-hate relationship with Tory that all lead to self destruction, self discovery and relationship wisdom. Kevin provides us with keen insight into the hustle that he endured during the early stages of his career driving from Philly to NYC to perform in comedy shows that either paid little or nothing at all.

Throughout all the hustle and hardship that Kevin mentions in the book, he continuously makes references to his solid foundation that came from his rock which was his mother, Nancy. He comments on how she kept him consistently busy with activities like swimming lessons and then having to be watched by a neighbor everyday so he would stay out of trouble. He mentions how all she had to do was give “the look” and knew that he was in deep water. While he describes her as a strict, fierce, highly disciplined, church-going, bible-reading tough love kind of a mother, he also mentions how she was his everything and biggest supporter all along whether he was aware of it or not. Kevin mentions that it wasn’t until she got really sick and eventually passed away while he was shooting the film Fool’s Gold (2008) in Australia that he realized how much she meant to him and that life lesson number whatever is that there is nothing stronger than a mother’s love.

The take away from this memoir is a mix. By the end you feel as though Kevin is a good friend, yet also a comedian who provides you with life lessons that don’t always hold value but then shockingly your heart is melted by the fact that Kevin learned and shared the biggest life lesson of all. That lesson is that is life is short, and you should spend it with your family and loved ones and that you can’t expect 100% of anything when you give anything less that a 100%. That you should work hard everyday, stay disciplined and focused on your goals and that you will achieve success through all you hard work. 

My advice to the readers out there reading this article is to not read this book but rather listen to this book through or audio books via apple or the library with books on tape. Kevin Hart reads his own story and thus adds comments that are improvised throughout the reading that is not on page. Kevin’s energy throughout the reading makes the words come to life and fills the atmosphere with laughter, wit and love. Hard copy 4/5 stars, audible version 5/5 stars. 

It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny by Marilyn Sadler

IMG_20180430_002657_033.jpgThis illustrated children’s book is the perfect spring time read for your little ones. The story is about a bunny named P.J. who does not like being a bunny. P.J. thinks it would be better/easier to be another animal and sets off to become something else. P.J. attempts to be a bear, a skunk, a beaver and many other animals, but like many who think that the grass is greener on the other side, P.J. soon discovers that is not necessarily true. After many attempts to become something he isn’t, he learns that in life it is best/easier and more joyful to be yourself. A simply, yet funny book that’s good for self esteem and encouragement amongst young readers. 4/5 stars. 

Back To The Future (Pop Classics) by Kim Smith

IMG_20180507_005330_823.jpgI loved this book! I am happy to see that Marty, George, Doc and the whole gang are coming from the past and making it #backtothefuture for newer generations to absorb. It is an excellent illustrated children’s book that introduces children to the story of Back to the Future. This book is true to the original film production from plot, to characters to humor. Fun, colorful and heart-warming, this is a wonderful gift to give to any child, 80’s born baby, nostalgic lover or Back to the Future fan. I highly recommend. To the delorean! 5 stars

Ramadan (Celebrate The World) by Hannah Eliot

IMG_20180617_173647_477Ramadan (Celebrate The World) is an excellent early readers illustrated book that helps your little one to understand Ramadan and it’s meaning. Ramadan is the 9th month out of the Lunar calendar and it is a time in which Muslims fast from dawn till dusk. They fast during this Holy time to remind themselves of how others (who are less fortunate) in the world live as well as to realize and be grateful for how lucky they are. It is a time for self reflection, prayer and family. When the sun goes down they have a meal called Iftar which is the first meal of the day that breaks the fast. Later in the night families will gather for Sahoor (supper) that is filled with delicious food to help them fast for the next day. When the crescent moon is in the sky Ramadan is over and Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr or the “sweet festival”.  The Sweet Festival is when families come together over a grand feast and celebrate. This book is a wonderful way to introduce your little ones into your Ramadan holiday or to introduce non-muslim children to Ramadan to encourage a sense of tolerance & understanding

Year One by Nora Roberts

IMG_20180306_125157_341Year One is a wonderfully well written science fiction / fantasy novel that will suck you in and captivate you by it’s characters. As the new year rings in, a new apocalyptic world develops where a dark and mysterious disease with no cure insight known as “the doom” takes a human life each second throughout the world. As witches, fae, elves and shape shifters (of good and evil) emerge as the more dominant race as many humans are dropping off the face of the Earth, the only humans who do survive are somehow immune to “the doom”. 

The main characters Lana and Max who are both witches living in NYC, realize they must finally leave the city they love so much if the are going to survive in this new world as it has now become overrun by “the doom”, mobs of angry rioters known as the “riders” and some sort of dark magical force. Max leads the way to Pennsylvania in hopes of reaching his young warlock brother Eric who is safe in a cabin in the woods. While at the cabin, Lena discovers she is pregnant with Max’s baby and once again these two (or now three) are in danger. Eric and his spunky girlfriend have turned and are consumed with dark magic determined to destroy “the one” within Lana. Through a heart breaking dual between two brother’s Max annihilates Eric in order to protect Lana and his baby. With a sadden heart, the Max, Lana and the unborn baby head towards the middle of the country and then South in hopes of finding a more stable environment to survive.

Secondary main characters such as Chuck who is a tech genius from Hoboken, NJ, Arlys the journalist from NYC who is with her overly optimistic female fae colleague Fred know they too must find a safer place to be. Rachel the successful Brooklyn doctor and Jonah the paramedic who has the ability to see death within people before it takes hold of them and Katie who’s the new mother of twins and an infant know they must survive and exit the city via boat to NYC and head West then South. Along the way, the lives of these characters intersect and ultimately, they all come together in hopes of having a new and stable life in a town they named New Hope. As more and more survivors roll into New Hope, life is looking better, as everyone has something to offer whether it be that they’re one of the “Un-canning” (non-human magical folk) or human. Unfortunately chaos breaks when Eric returns high in the sky with consumed with more evil power and kills Max instantly. Feeling the magic grown inside her daughter and knowing Eric will not cease until her and her daughter are dead, Lena, who is far along in her pregnancy flees New Hope embarking on a journey of her own to survive. 

Dirty, weak and nearly starving Lana stumbles upon a small farm tucked away in the woods and is taken in by the kind and handsome ex-US Army Captain named Simon Swift. The two are skeptical of each other at first, but ultimately end up helping each other and become great companions. Simon helps to deliver Lana’s baby and from that moment of birth they’re a family. Fast forward to the beginning of a new year, a mysterious bearded man on horseback named Mallick arrives to pay tribute to “the one” (Fallon, Lana’s daughter). He informs Lana and Simon that “Her coming has been written, sung and foretold. One year ago today, the fabric ripped, the scales tipped when the blood of the damned defiled holy ground. So the purge followed, and magick strikes back, you have nothing to fear of me” (location 6102, via Kindle version). Malick informs them that when Fallon is thirteen, he will come back for her and take her for two years of training to become what she was born to become. Malick then gives baby Fallon a ball of crystals that only she will be able to use and a pink teddy bear and vanishes, leaving the reader Lena and Simon in thoughts of confusion. The story ends as what I consider a cliff hanger, because while story has finished, a new one has begun. 

This new novel by Nora Roberts is the perfect story to devour if you are a True Blood and/or The Walking Dead fan. Set to be a series, this is book one, and while it is filled with despair, loss, fear and sorrow it is also extremely adventurous, captivating, exciting, hopeful and at times humorous. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am on heels of anticipation for the sequel. Happy reading! 5 stars – Loved it. 

The Art of Running in Heels by Rachel Gibson

IMG_20180305_130538_629.jpgThis humorous and romantic dramedy is the perfect and easy to read brain candy any woman would be happy to indulge in. Sean Knox is the brown eyed, dark haired muscular hockey player for the Seattle, Washington Chinooks who is waiting in the Sea Hopper (private helicopter service) to fly to his hypochondriac mother. His mother has always been “sick” and is once again “dying” from another “disease” in Sandspit, British Columbia. Already 15 minutes behind schedule, Sean is annoyed and begins wondering why the pilot insists on waiting for the last minute/late passenger. Just then the tall and leggy, triple D breasted, model looking blonde dressed in an over-the-top poofy/tacky white wedding gown is sprinting down the dock in five inch Christian Louboutin stilettos heading straight for the Sea Hopper. Without much care for poise and dignity, Lexie Kowalsky leaps into the Sea Hopper like a robber leaping into a get-away car yelling to the pilot to take off. With hair out of place, fabric and tool covering her every which way and her breasts about to fall out of her dress, Sean can’t help but think she is a total chaotic mess who he is instantly aroused by. Lexie is lying down on the sea next to Sean coming off of an adrenaline rush from just running out on her realty TV wedding, and peers up into the face of the man (Sean) and begins to think of how handsome he is.

Upon landing in Sandspit, the two go their own ways but bump into each other the next morning at a diner. With Lexie seeing her face aired on every news channel as the “runaway bride” from the reality show “Getting Hitched”, she is desperate to lay low and asks to tag along with Sean to his mother’s. When Lexie meets his all day TV watching mother, her identity is known immediately and in order to prevent Sean’s mother from calling the Wendy Williams Show (to win the contest in locating where Lexie is), Sean and Lexie pretend to be an in love boy-friend and girl-friend. With Lexie not even knowing Sean’s last name and Sean knowing Lexie is nothing but trouble (because she is the daughter of his Coach, John Kowalsky,) the attraction/ sexual tension continues to build. After two days of pretending, Sean can’t hold it in anymore and finds himself with Lexie in her hotel room. They share a night of sensual pleasure and release in which Lexie “felt him everywhere, his body covering hers as he moved within her, touching and stroking the exact place where her pleasure was centered, in and out, driving her wild.” (pg. 139) Knowing that is was just great sex and only great sex, the two leave and go their own separate ways back to Seattle, Washington. 

However, once Lexie gets back, she soon finds a picture of her being held against her hotel door with a man kissing her plastered all over the gossip magazines and news. Furious as hell, Lexie believes Sean had a photo taken and leaked it to the press. Hurt and embarrassed, she attempts to keep a low profile and forget about what happened in Sandspit. Fate has a different plan because while Lexie is attending the Chinhook’s home game, (to support her father, John, Coach of the Seattle Chinhooks hockey team), the newly added player is shown on the huge flat screen TVs (prompting his stats and info), she is shocked to discover Sean is the newly added player that her Dad has been despising. Needless to say Sean and Lexie reunite, and once again Lexie needs his help. In hopes of re-directing her social image as she doesn’t want her pet-clothing line company so suffer anymore than it already has since becoming the “runaway bride” she asks Sean to pretend to be her boy-friend again in-order to make the recently circulated photo of them understandable and not scandalous. Reluctantly Sean agrees to help as he doesn’t want John (his coach, Lexie’s father) to hate him anymore that he already does. With secrets to hide, plots to twist, images to repair and a business to save, and two of the sexiest people on Earth working together so intimately what could every go wrong? In the end the attraction, the words said, the touches shared, the feelings felt, and orgasms experienced, is it all lust and pretend or could these two sexy polar opposites be the real deal? Enjoy this gossipy, indulgent, brain candy soft erotica to find out what happens. 5 Stars – Loved it