A Raisin in The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

IMG_20180226_131733_560The yearning for a bigger home, a better wardrobe, a cleaner/nicer neighborhood, a good education and the opportunity to pursue one’s dreams are the epitome of the American dream & should be available to everyone. Unfortunately for the Younger family in the late 1950s in Chicago’s Southside, being black created more than just economic problems, but educational, gender and social class problems causing the American dream for blacks to become less obtainable.

Being that February is black history month I decided to dive back into a literary classic from high school that is dramatic & at times a humorous tragedy. A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, has us follow the Younger family through their ups & downs of being black in a “white man’s world”. With an insurance payout check on the way dreams become tangible & moving into a home in a nicer neighborhood become reality. Faced with racism, segregation and sudden money loss, the family must choose between succumbing to the “white man” & his way or keeping ones pride, sticking together as a family through thick & thin in pursuit of a better life. No matter who you are, this play is relatable, as all people have at some point experienced hope, loss, family drama & the dream of becoming something more. 

This play records the unfair inequalities, segregation & racism black individuals faced throughout American history. It also proves that through families sticking together & keeping the American dream alive within your heart, you too shall overcome