The Art of Running in Heels by Rachel Gibson

IMG_20180305_130538_629.jpgThis humorous and romantic dramedy is the perfect and easy to read brain candy any woman would be happy to indulge in. Sean Knox is the brown eyed, dark haired muscular hockey player for the Seattle, Washington Chinooks who is waiting in the Sea Hopper (private helicopter service) to fly to his hypochondriac mother. His mother has always been “sick” and is once again “dying” from another “disease” in Sandspit, British Columbia. Already 15 minutes behind schedule, Sean is annoyed and begins wondering why the pilot insists on waiting for the last minute/late passenger. Just then the tall and leggy, triple D breasted, model looking blonde dressed in an over-the-top poofy/tacky white wedding gown is sprinting down the dock in five inch Christian Louboutin stilettos heading straight for the Sea Hopper. Without much care for poise and dignity, Lexie Kowalsky leaps into the Sea Hopper like a robber leaping into a get-away car yelling to the pilot to take off. With hair out of place, fabric and tool covering her every which way and her breasts about to fall out of her dress, Sean can’t help but think she is a total chaotic mess who he is instantly aroused by. Lexie is lying down on the sea next to Sean coming off of an adrenaline rush from just running out on her realty TV wedding, and peers up into the face of the man (Sean) and begins to think of how handsome he is.

Upon landing in Sandspit, the two go their own ways but bump into each other the next morning at a diner. With Lexie seeing her face aired on every news channel as the “runaway bride” from the reality show “Getting Hitched”, she is desperate to lay low and asks to tag along with Sean to his mother’s. When Lexie meets his all day TV watching mother, her identity is known immediately and in order to prevent Sean’s mother from calling the Wendy Williams Show (to win the contest in locating where Lexie is), Sean and Lexie pretend to be an in love boy-friend and girl-friend. With Lexie not even knowing Sean’s last name and Sean knowing Lexie is nothing but trouble (because she is the daughter of his Coach, John Kowalsky,) the attraction/ sexual tension continues to build. After two days of pretending, Sean can’t hold it in anymore and finds himself with Lexie in her hotel room. They share a night of sensual pleasure and release in which Lexie “felt him everywhere, his body covering hers as he moved within her, touching and stroking the exact place where her pleasure was centered, in and out, driving her wild.” (pg. 139) Knowing that is was just great sex and only great sex, the two leave and go their own separate ways back to Seattle, Washington. 

However, once Lexie gets back, she soon finds a picture of her being held against her hotel door with a man kissing her plastered all over the gossip magazines and news. Furious as hell, Lexie believes Sean had a photo taken and leaked it to the press. Hurt and embarrassed, she attempts to keep a low profile and forget about what happened in Sandspit. Fate has a different plan because while Lexie is attending the Chinhook’s home game, (to support her father, John, Coach of the Seattle Chinhooks hockey team), the newly added player is shown on the huge flat screen TVs (prompting his stats and info), she is shocked to discover Sean is the newly added player that her Dad has been despising. Needless to say Sean and Lexie reunite, and once again Lexie needs his help. In hopes of re-directing her social image as she doesn’t want her pet-clothing line company so suffer anymore than it already has since becoming the “runaway bride” she asks Sean to pretend to be her boy-friend again in-order to make the recently circulated photo of them understandable and not scandalous. Reluctantly Sean agrees to help as he doesn’t want John (his coach, Lexie’s father) to hate him anymore that he already does. With secrets to hide, plots to twist, images to repair and a business to save, and two of the sexiest people on Earth working together so intimately what could every go wrong? In the end the attraction, the words said, the touches shared, the feelings felt, and orgasms experienced, is it all lust and pretend or could these two sexy polar opposites be the real deal? Enjoy this gossipy, indulgent, brain candy soft erotica to find out what happens. 5 Stars – Loved it 

LOVE by Matt De La Peña (Illustrated by Loren Long)

IMG_20180207_104304_432.jpgLove by Matt De La Peña is an illustrated children’s book that brings the word “love” into a new perspective. Often, when people think of the word “love”, happy couples, hearts, sunsets, romance and/or marriage comes to mind. What I enjoyed about this picture book is that Matt De La Peña brings to light all the different ways people can experience love throughout their life. Love is not pigeon-held to just couples, romance, marriage etc, but it is the relationship we have with parents, friends, neighbors, brothers, sisters, our city and/or food. He mentions how a parent holding a child in their arms as the child is waking up from a nightmare saying “it’s okay, it’s okay”, is an act of giving and receiving love. Matt mentions how seeing the same musician outside of the subway playing “love notes that lift into the sky like tiny beacons of light” provides a sense of comfort and in a sense love. A grandfather and each crease in his face as he is fishing with his grandson is also an act and sense of love. A sister providing a piece of toast for her brother is another act and/or experience of love. It’s a perfect children’s book to help kids understand that love can be all around them and all they have to do is recognize it. What everyone else can learn from this storybook is to appreciate the small gestures in everyday life and how they add up over time resulting in happy memories, stability and most of all…love. A good story to read to your kids around Valentine’s Day. 3 stars – Liked it.