i hope this reaches her in time By r.h. sin

IMG_20180102_014335_601“i hope this reaches her in time” is a poetry book filled with wisdom that is beautifully written to touch the soul. These seventy two pages are essentially another poetry book that focuses on love, (or lack there of), relationships (good and bad), and the strength within each of us to proceed forward in our own lives. Early in the book r.h. sin writes “don’t you miss who you were before who you became took over your life. do you miss yourself like i miss you. do you even remember what it felt like to be happy. have you forgotten yourself beneath your troubles” and in another poem “you owe it to yourself to give yourself the love that you’ve misplaced in others”. I love it, for it’s  simple yet true. Again while this poetry book focuses more on love/relationships, personally I feel these exerts that can apply to anyone at any age. Often we tend to focus on our problems/troubles allowing them to take over our lives to the point in which we forget and neglect ourselves. Simply put r.h. sin reminds the reader to take care of themselves so they may once again be strong and happy to carry on. 

“the girl you don’t appreciate will get tired of loving you”……… (enough said)

Another poem that I flagged in the book was “your absence taught me how to be my own lover”. It remains in my mind as something wise and profound. You loose anyone or anything in life that had value to you at one point or another and you’re at first sad, but eventually you learn to survive and thrive on your own. You learn to provide your own source of peace and happiness resulting in you being your own lover. 

Being a female, I must shine light onto one particular poem that solidifies the strength every woman has inside her. R.h. sin writes “it’s almost as if her soul is a pack of wolves she’s brave, she’s strong she’s unstoppable”. Thank you r.h. sin, thank you for putting feminine strength on paper. 

Another favorite of mine from the book is when r.h.sin writes “you can miss people but you don’t have to want them back….you can forgive people but you don’t have to give them second chances”. Again, main concept is relationships and one would assume a love interest, but truthfully this poem relates to all kinds of relationships whether it be between lovers, friends and/or family members. It sheds light on the harsh truth that someone can be toxic for us and/or no longer in our lives, but we are still subjected to the human condition of missing what once was. You can forgive those that have wronged you but you don’t have to be a fool and let them play the game again. 

An exert from one of the final poems is alluring in its simplicity and sophistication and what is says is “what we love should inspire us, who we love should inspire our strength”. We always hear “find what inspires you” from mentors, teachers, friends and/or family but never do we hear that what we choose to love should inspire us. I mean simple yet what a ground breaking way to approach life. The last part of who we love is something I completely agree with. Why love someone who makes you demotivated in life? Love someone who inspires you to grow and blossom like a wild flower; uninhibited and free. 

Without giving anything else away, I must end now and say that this poetry book is just lovely and is one that I would recommend to read and to gift. (4/5 stars – really liked it)

Milk & Honey By Rupi Kaur

IMG_20170819_210312_093After much hype and discussion, I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and read Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur. To my surprise it was not what I was expecting, but I agree that this particular poetry book deserves all the attention it received. Written with beautiful precision and progression composed within four chapters; The Hurting, The Longing, The Breaking and The Healing. Rupi’s story begins with heartbreak, deception and molestation/rape. (The Hurting) As she grows she enters what we would title an “emotionally and mentally abusive relationship”. She discusses manipulation, alternative motives and longing. Manipulation by a man, him not in love with her and only using her for intercourse, and her longing to feel true unconditional love that is not being provided. (The Longing) Like any true poet she experiences even more heartbreak through an emotional hurricane of a break up resulting in anger, frustration, sorrow and eventually landing with clarity and epiphany. (The Breaking) Her final chapter embraces inner strength, femininity and how one’s self worth is based on their inner beliefs / thoughts and not based on what your partner says. (The Healing) Having been though an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship before, a poem from Chapter 2 – The Breaking on page 210 spoke volumes to me. It read “i didn’t leave because i stopped loving you i left because the longer i stayed the less i loved myself”. This was just a taste of the honesty she provides. Trust me when I say with poems as blunt and provocative as hers, one will thoroughly enjoy this read.