How To Relax by Thich Nhat Hanh

IMG_20170819_220443_139Many know Thich Nhat Hanh for his words of wisdom and life alerting practices. Out of all of his books, I thought reading “How To Relax” would be a good first read, (considering I myself am in a constant juggling performance). I found it to be an easy and short read for anyone and can be finished within a day. Many books that are created to help individuals alter their life for the better are filled we things we’ve heard time and time again. What makes Thich Nhat Hanh so different? Aside from the fact that many are aware of his name, I feel that this particular book differs in its simplicity. Hanh is able to deliver words of wisdom and life altering practices in a clear and precise manner that they don’t intimidate or overwhelm the reader. Many “self-help” or “self-improvement” books can feel like diving into a text book filled with graphs, measurements, references etc, but “How To Relax” was relaxing enough just to read it. Straight to the point in a harmonic presentation¬†in the section of “Notes on Relaxing” under the title “Lazy Day” he does just that. Under Lazy Day he says

“Do we have enough lazy days in our calendar? A lazy day is a day for us to be without any scheduled activities? We just let the day unfold naturally, timelessly. On this day we have a chance to reestablish the balance in ourselves”

His message is clear in that in today’s society we are constantly on “the go” even when we are not at work and that if we can allow days of no schedule, we can truly be at ease. Being at ease is what will restore the necessary inner balance to be one with ourselves and find peace. You don’t have to be a scholar or a book lover to realize the truth within his words and I feel that anyone and everyone can take something away from this novel. Go now, grab yourself this pocket sized relaxation and take from it what you will. I’m sure something will strike true…..Happy Reading!¬†